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Tool Box Talks

Tool Box Talks are a requirement under Occupational Healthy & Safety Regulations and should become part of your company safety program. For topics for your Tool Box Talks, visit the Safety Topics page.

Tool Box Talks are a brief 15 to 20 minute workplace meeting on a topic relative to your workplace.

Things you will need to do and have on hand for your Tool Box Talk are:

Topic for the meeting

– A topic for your workplace( have handouts ready to pass out.
– Examples: SDSs if you are talking about a new workplace product.
– A picture of a loading dock or new client showing  drivers the area and how to access the area safely.

An Attendance Sheet

– circulate during Tool Box Talk have everybody print and sign their name showing they attended your Tool Box Talk.

Schedule Next Tool Box Talk

– let everyone know the date and time for your next Tool Box Talk.
– ask for a volunteer to supply the next topic or top give the next Tool Box Talk.

Supply Answers

– make sure you get answers for questions that you might not of been able to answer at your Tool Box Talk.

Sample attendance sheet  Toolbox Talk Register you can print and use

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