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Time to Take "Let's Talk" and turn it to "Let's Take Action on Workplace Mental Health""

NSTSA is making a very special time limited offer to trucking companies in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association is offering will mental health training for your staff, in your workplace for the unheard of price of $20 per person. Our trainers are from the trucking industry. We know the people, we know the trucking business, we know how busy and demanding it can be.

The Working Mind is a program based on material put together by mental health specialists in daily clinical operations and fact based scientific data. The materials include current evidence in the area of neuroscience and sports psychology. The foundation of the program dates back to 2008 in co-operation with the Department of National Defense and US Military. The Working Mind is based on the same foundation materials that is used for training in first-responder services across Canada. The Working Mind program is maintained and backed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada

The goal of the Working Mind program is to give you practical knowledge of mental health and mental illness to:

  • Understand the concepts between mental health and mental illness

  • Recognize the signs and indicators in yourself and others

  • Provide you with proven coping tools and mechanisms

  • Support co-workers with mental health problems

  • Using your training to reduce the negative attitudes and stigma directed at those affected with mental illness

Through video, graphics, plain language, handouts and group exercises with lots of group conversation and sharing, this course is very effective.

Groups that have taken the training walk away with tools to help themselves, family, friends and co-workers that may be faced with challenging situations as life sometimes does.

For less then the cost of a WHMIS 2015 course, this is your opportunity to offer a proven fact based mental health training program to your staff in a friendly personalized work space where classroom learning is used to provide the best long term learning experience.

Call or email Linda or Gary today to discuss the Working Mind Program and how we can help you training your staff. NSTSA toll Free Line 1-888-329-9660. Offer expires March 30, 2019


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