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Slow Down Move Over Law Updated in Nova Scotia Now Includes Tow Trucks

The province of Nova Scotia in a recent amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act has added tow trucks to the list of vehicles you must slow down and move over for when they along the side of the road with lights flashing, rendering assistance.

The statue updated subsection 106D(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act and it added the following change “(bb) a tow truck at the scene of a fire or an accident or while assisting a vehicle”

Here is the list type of vehicles the slow down move over law applies to:

(With emergency lights flashing when rendering roadside assistance on highways in Nova Scotia)

  • Ambulance

  • Police vehicle

  • Fire department

  • Chief or Deputy Chief of a volunteer fire department when acting in an emergency arising from a fire or an accident.

  • Correctional Services

  • Department of Natural Resources – Conservation Officers – Wild Fire Crew

  • Deputy Sheriffs

  • Motor Vehicle Inspection Officer

  • Motor Carrier Inspector Officer

  • Public-Safety Vehicle

  • Tow Trucks

A reminder that when you encounter any of the vehicles listed above rendering assistance on the roads, you must:

Slow down to 60 km/h or obey the speed limit when it’s below 60 km/h.

Leave an empty lane if you can do so safely.


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