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Slips Trips & Fall Season is here for 2017

In Nova Scotia winter has arrived, we all remember last winter once it hit in January it stayed until May !

Already we are getting confirmation of people slipping, tripping and falling in the workplace.

With black ice, snow and ice, we urge all employees to be careful, tis slip trip and fall season.

Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association is proud to offer a solution to help reduce the risk of you falling due to slippery conditions. Call us today to get more info on your special price 1-888-329-9660

A product called Devisys Heelstop Ice Cleat will help keep you upright and on your feet during the slippery season.

We discovered these amazing devices a few years back at a CSSE conference in Calgary. We love these little gadgets !!

The Devisys Heelstop ice cleat attach to the heels of your favorite footwear, take less than 10 seconds to put on and they stay put. For the drivers in the audience the Devisys Heelstop ice cleat don’t cover the front part of your foot, no interference with pedals when you are driving.

Make no mistake these are not dollar store products, the Devisys Heelstop Ice Cleat are designed for people that work outdoors in our rugged Canadian climate. They are manufactured in Finland of true rubber compound, yes the same that is used in the making of rubber tires. The studs on the bottom are steel studs and are rugged, yet do not create a hazard when walking on cement or in the back of a reefer.

As part of a fortunate group of field testers our Safety Coordinator, Gary Hunt while he was working as a yard shunter was a field tester of the Devisys Heelstop Ice Cleat product. Gary since that day wears his Devisys Heelstop’s come slip trip and fall winter season. Gary loves the Devisys Heelstop Ice Cleat because they work, plain and simple. Once you put them on it might take a couple of hours maximum to get use to them, you will soon forget you are wearing them. The Heelstops are rugged, they keep you with sure footing outdoors in the winter, regardless of what industry you are in. Gary even wears his when he is out walking his dogs, shopping or running errands. Slips trips and falls can happen outside of work !!

If you want to improve your chances of not slipping, tripping or falling this winter, the Devisys Heelstop Ice Cleat is for you. Reduce the risk of what could be a serious injury at work, thus causing you and your lifestyle to change. Even at home, improve your chances with these heelstop ice cleats you will be glad you did !! For those that work around the fuel industry the Devisys Heelstop is available in spark resistant model as well.

Below is a video, for most of us in Canada, we know this pain is real, most of us have fallen at least once and yes it hurts and it can change your life in a minute.!!!

We promote safety here at NSTSA, here is one item that will help reduce your risk of injury !!

Yes we are a trucking safety association, however these heelstop ice cleats will work on any shoe or boot. Healthcare, postal workers, police, fire departments, city town work crews, these will work for you.

Invest in your safety ! For the majority of the population, we must go out doors to get to work, the Devisys Heelstop will help you get to work safely.

Contact us for SPECIAL Member pricing

If you would like more info on this amazing product please contact us we love to talk safety !


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