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October Healthy Workplace Month

October is Healthy Workplace month. For most, we go to work day after day. We leave our families and off to work we go. With so many different types of work that Canadians perform day in and day out, its mind boggling.

For most, our lives are very busy with family, work, leisure and volunteer activities. We seldom have time to catch our breath. To keep up the demand we place on ourselves sometimes miss the opportunity to check on yourself in our workplace. For many, we go to work, jump in, go hard, usually while trying to balance workplace with home life while answering email, phones, dealing with customers, and countless other things in the run of a day. For many this will sound familiar. The work-life balance is a struggle for many families. Many people struggle in silence with the workload, family responsibilities and daily stresses of life.

Employers, poor mental health not only hurts the individual, it also impacts an organization’s bottom line and ability to thrive. Having the support of their workplace can make a world of difference for workers with mental health issues.

Employees, imagine working in a highly productive environment in which you feel safe, respected and valued; the work is challenging; the demands of the job are reasonable; you have work-life balance, and your employer supports your involvement in your work and interpersonal growth and development. This is what is known as a mentally healthy workplace. Mental or physical, illness is illness. We must help each other, start the conversation, ask the question, Are you ok ?

There are resources available for employers and employees many of them are free !! Resources that can help with the issue regardless what the issue may be.

Here are a few great resources to start with. We are dedicating the entire month of October to healthy workplace information, be sure to come back and check us out.


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