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National Trucking Week

During the first week of September, Canada celebrates National Trucking Week. The trucking industry is pretty much involved in everything that is delivered to all businesses, schools, hospitals and homes across the country. At some point a truck was involved in getting that product to you.

National Trucking Week celebrates the truck transportation industry and the amazing team of people working in this dynamic industry. You see professional drivers on the highways as you travel in your home town or other places in Canada and beyond. Behind that driver, is a team of dedicated people you may not see. Those people have an important part of your delivery. From loading the products on/off the trucks and trailers. Creating the paperwork that has to accompany all products that are being shipped. There are dispatchers, keeping in touch with drivers 24 hours a day. Lets not forget about the mechanics keeping the trucks and trailers running safely. Managers, sales people, supervisors, workplace trainers and of course company owners all have important parts in the trucking industry. The trucking industry keeps products moving for delivery 24/7, pretty much 365 days of the year.

The NSTSA salutes and thanks the thousands of people working in this exciting industry. Each person is an important part of the team involved getting products delivered to you the end customer on a daily basis.

Watch our recent TV ad we created to show people how trucks are involved in out everyday lives.


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