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Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Nova Scotia

Maintaining and promoting employee health and safety is one of several core business practices that assists the truck transportation industry in serving their customers effectively. Protecting employees from injuries such as slips, trips, falls, soft tissue injuries, violence and other hazards has several benefits:

  • Increased employee motivation and retention

  • Demonstrated social responsibility to customers

  • Increased revenue

  • Decreased costs associated with compensation claims and compliance orders

  • Business continuity

To support this effort, Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association, in collaboration with the WCB Nova Scotia has brought together a series of resources to assist Nova Scotia’s truck transportation industry with the prevention of workplace related injuries and illnesses.

Workplace Incident Cost Calculator

When something goes wrong at work, the greatest costs aren’t financial at all – they’re the human costs for anyone who gets hurt, and the people that care about them. Don’t wait until you’re picking up the pieces to find out what an incident would cost you. Click here, select Trucking, enter your data, and get started today.


Small Business Safety Toolkit

The Small Business Toolkit is designed to help any person who wants to start or who is currently operating in the truck transportation industry. As a business you must have an Occupational Healthy & Safety Program.

The Small Business Toolkit is designed to help you:

  • Learn basic duties and responsibilities under the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Act and Regulations

  • Put a health and safety system in place to protect your workers from injury and illness at work

  • Understand how health and safety plays a role in the day-to-day operation of your business


Create a Safety & Prevention Program

Learn how to create your own safety and prevention program. The following eight steps will help you make safety part of your organization’s culture:

  • Leadership and Training

  • Develop occupational health and safety policies

  • Identify management and employee responsibilities

  • Develop occupational health and safety programs

  • Establish a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee / Safety Representative

  • Identification and control hazards

  • Learning from Experience

  • Establish a Return-to-Work Program


Tools, Resources and Publications

Check out these tools and resources to help keep your workplace safe, from safety tips, to videos and other interactive tools.


Programs & Awards

The WCB has a number of initiatives to promote workplace safety and prevention in Nova Scotia.

Mainstay Awards

We’re celebrating excellence in workplace safety! The Mainstay Awards honor Nova Scotians who set the bar in keeping workers safe. Interested? Click to learn more and submit your application.

Young Workers

Young Workers make great employees but they don’t always understand the importance of workplace safety. Find tips for parents, employers and youth, to help keep them safe on the job.


Safety Matters Blog

Looking for an updates and information on health and safety in Nova Scotia? Check out WCB Nova Scotia’s Safety Matters blog.

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