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WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer

WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer Program (TTT)

NSTSA’s WHMIS Train the Trainer(TTT) program has everything you require to learn, understand and to teach a compelling and comprehensive WHMIS 1988/ WHMIS 2015 training course.

This WHMIS Train The Trainer program includes the principles of adult education along with the detailed information on how adults learn and the different types of learners and how this affects you as a trainer and your training methods. By you understanding adult education methods this will enable you to become a better presenter and learn how to adapt your training presentations to your attendees.

We dedicate time to WHMIS 1988 as this foundation information is important as this enables the attendee to learn the foundation of what and why of WHMIS 1988. Employers are required to still teach WHMIS 1988 in the workplace until December 2018. NSTSA’s (TTT) train the trainer package can be fully customized to your classroom and any workplace setting. This training course uses chemicals and products related to the truck transportation industry.

This two-day WHMIS Train The Trainer program covers the following topics:

Day One Topics:

• Principles of adult education

• Tips of successful training course planning

• Tips on presenting a WHMIS/WHMIS 2015 training class

• What is WHMIS

• WHMIMS 1988 foundation information

• Technical terminology and what all those abbreviations mean

Day Two Topics:

• Details of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)

• What GHS is about and how and why countries around the world are adopting the GHS program.

• Differences between WHMIS 1988/WHMIS 2015 & GHS

• Federal legislation is reviewed including act & regulations

• Provincial legislation is examined and how this will affect workplaces.

• The transition time table is explained in detail with the most recent updates on the transition from WHMIS 1988 to WHMIS 2015

WHMIS/WHMIS 2015 TTT Program Package includes:

• All power point presentations fully editable

• Complete review of WHMIS 1988

• Globally Harmonized System

• WHMIS 2015 Legislation

2. Provincial Legislation

• Editable PowerPoint presentations of WHMIS 1988 & WHMIS 2015

• Hands on experiments and learning

• WHMIS & WHMIS 2015 news headlines

• Complete program is provided digitally and in paper

• WHMIS 1988 & WHMIS 2015 pocket handbook

• WHMIS 1988 & WHMIS 2015 poster

• WHMIS 2015 Video’s

NSTSA WHMIS/WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer Program Costs

Member $300

Non-Member $400

Associate Member $450.00


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