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Westray Mines 25 Years Ago Today

It was May 9, 1992. At 5:18 a.m., far beneath the small town of Plymouth, N.S., a sudden gush of methane gas escaped from the Foord coal seam and erupted into flames. Within seconds, a huge fireball raced through the mine, stirring up coal dust that exploded in a thundering blast.

A blue-grey flash lit up the pre-dawn sky. Homes more than a kilometre away shuddered as the shock wave rumbled through the earth.

In all, there were 26 men underground at the time. On May 14, the search had ended. Despite the strong commitment shared among mining communities to retrieve their dead, the Westray Mine was sealed with 11 remaining bodies.

2017, marks 25 years since this tragedy occurred, Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association along with countless others will never forget this day, the men, the families and countless others affected by this needless tragedy. This is a link to a video that shows how this tragic event continues to affect lives and families 25 years after that day.

Below are the names of the men that lost their lives May 9, 1992

John Thomas Bates, 56 Bennie Joseph Benoit, 42

Larry Arthur Bell, 25 Wayne Michael Conway, 38 Ferris Todd Dewan, 35 Adonis J. Dollimont, 36 Robert Steven Doyle, 22 Remi Joseph Drolet, 38 Roy Edward Feltmate, 33 Charles Robert Fraser, 29 Myles Daniel Gillis, 32 John Philip Halloran, 33 Randolph Brian House, 27

Trevor Martin Jahn, 36 Laurence Elwyn James, 34 Eugene W. Johnson, 33 Stephen Paul Lilley, 40 Michael Frederick MacKay, 38 Angus Joseph MacNeil, 39 Glenn David Martin, 35 Harry A. McCallum, 41 Eric Earl McIsaac, 38 George S. James Munroe, 38 Danny James Poplar, 39 Romeo Andrew Short, 35 Peter Francis Vickers, 38


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