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Tool Box Talk - Safety Vests

Many workers do not understand the requirement for ALL workers to wear a safety vest, when you are exposed to moving traffic. Traffic is defined as a motorized vehicle, this could be a car, a truck, a transport truck, a vehicle licensed for the road. This also means forklifts, earth movers, etc..

Where there is a hazard for the employee to be injured.

Think of the last time you were shopping at a Canadian Tire, Walmart, Superstore, Sobey’s, the employee’s gathering carts all wear a vest, it’s the law.

In the province of Nova Scotia the worker is subject to fines that are issued on the spot by the safety officer. In federal jurisdiction, the safety officer can issue fines to both employer and employee.

For your own protection and your families sake, wear your vest whenever you are exposed to any moving vehicle, be safe


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