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Slip, trip & fall season is here

Winter conditions have arrived in many parts of the country already. Are you prepared now, you should be? We live in Canada , we will get winter conditions that will increase the likelihood of customers, employees and others having slip and fall incidents. Slips, Trips and falls increase in winter weather, be prepared. Stock up on items that will help you eliminate or very least reduce slip and falls accidents. Traction sand is good for the environment and works well on icy surfaces

Ice salt helps reduce black ice caused by the freeze-thaw cycle by helping to thaw and absorb some of the moisture from the ice. Also great when it snows for added traction and helping melt the snow and ice around the sidewalks & walkways

Of course no winter would be complete without shovels. Pretty much a given there will be shoveling of walkways, fire exits and other areas.

Be prepared now to help avoid slips, trips and falls as winter will be here for sure.


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