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School Over For Summer

With school over for summer this week in Nova Scotia and many other provinces, NSTSA is urging drivers to keep focused around playgrounds and parks as more kids will be playing.

Here are some safety tips for drivers to keep in mind as they drive through communities in and around Nova Scotia.

  • The last week of school is an exciting time for children they may become preoccupied and forget the rules of the road. Use extra caution when driving through school zones, focus on the roads and pedestrians walking or biking.

  • This last week of school be aware that the regular school day hours may be different. Many kids will be out of school at different times during the day.

  • Watch for clues, a hockey net or basketball net in the road or on the sidewalk can mean kids are playing nearby. Pay attention and always anticipate the unexpected, stay focused on driving.

  • Always watch for small children as you’re backing up. Walk around your vehicle to make sure no kids, toys, bicycles or pets are behind it.

  • Use caution when driving where their are community playgrounds and parks. With school out it many kids will be playing in the community parks. Small children are less predictable than adults, keep your eyes and ears open, stay focused.

  • As we get into summer vacation for the school kids there will be many kids going to and from playgrounds, parks, community summer events walking, running, biking, scooters and skateboards will be seen in many places, keep your eyes open and focus on the roadways and sidewalks as you travel.

  • Drive defensively, new teenage drivers hitting the road for a summer, moms running kids to and from activities, and children bicycling and running in the streets make for a very unpredictable driving experience. If your employees drive into residential neighborhoods, it’s very important to remind drivers to be extra vigilant, keep focused on driving and be alert.


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