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Phone Calls First Aid Kits

We were alerted by a couple of our business members regarding similar phone calls regarding their first aid kits. The calls are high pressure type call advising that your first aid kits have expired, that you must order new ones now. The called goes on about the law and your kits have expired, you must replace them now.

Of course they will take your order over the phone and get it shipped to you that same day.

Do not fall for this phone call scam. The materials in first aid kits will not expire with the exception of the antiseptic (in bottle form) should you have that in your kit. Most first aid kits have a moist towel for cleaning that are packaged individually.

Here are the links for the requirements for:

Federally regulated companies requirements for first aid kits

For provincially regulated companies in the Province of Nova Scotia this link show the contents required in your first aid kits.

Should you get any of these type calls of high pressure calls for first aid kits, online WHMIS training or other types of high pressure calls regarding health and safety matters, please let us know so we can get a notice like this out to our members by social media, web site.

Take this opportunity to check your first aid kits for contents to make sure all contents are there in case you need them in an emergency. Thanks to our members for letting us know about the calls. If you require first aid kits a couple of great places to support are St John Ambulance or Red Cross.


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