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NSTSA's Greatest Tracks

The Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association is pleased to announce the release of our upcoming Greatest Tracks CD.

NSTSA Greatest Tracks CD features original lyrics and music featuring the band “Loose Wheel”. The songs are based on the truck transportation industry, weaving various safety themes throughout the CD.

Our first song from our Greatest Tracks CD is titled, “Checkin’ My Nuts” (Where the Rubber Meets the Road). NSTSA is pleased to offer you this song for free!

NSTSA is honoured to dedicate this song to Bob Wootton (1942 – 2017). Bob was Johnny Cash’s guitar player for 30 years.

After retiring from Johnny Cash’s band, Bob wanted to stay active in the music business, Bob became a professional driver taking several bands on tour.

Bob continued recording and playing with his own band after Johnny Cash stopped touring in 1997.

Use the links below to download your FREE copy of “Checkin’ My Nuts”

Download your copy of Checkin’ My Nuts MP3 here

You can download your copy of the lyrics for Checkin’ My Nuts here


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