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New Commercial Vehicle Trip Inspections Regulations in effect February 13, 2019 Nova Scotia

The Province of Nova Scotia introduced new commercial vehicle trip inspection rules

February 13, 2018. As of February 13, 2019 they will enforce the new regulations.

Here are the some most significant changes in those regulations:

  • Driver must have current trip inspection report completed and on their person and available for inspection

  • Driver must have in the vehicle the appropriate schedule for the vehicle being operated. For the commercial trucking that is Schedule 1 for trucks, tractors, trailers or combinations over 4500kg’s (you can download copy below)

  • Driver must have defects repaired prior to next required trip inspection

  • Driver is required to send completed Trip Inspection Reports to Carrier within 20 days

  • Driver must inspect the vehicle in a continuous manner

  • Driver is required to remove snow, ice and debris from the vehicle

  • Driver is not allowed to drive a commercial vehicle with a major defect (See Schedule 1 for list of major defects)


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