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Near Miss Toolbox Talk

Toolbox Talk on Near Misses

Near Misses are important to track in the transportation industry 750 near misses will result in a lost time injury.

Date of Toolbox Meeting:_____________________


1. A near miss is any incident that occurs on site which could have led to someone being hurt, but usually by luck injury has been avoided.

2. This could be as minor as metal burr ripping clothing or as major as a falling pallet of freight.

3. A hand tool with a broken guard or accessory missing, these can cause injuries.

4. A pallet jack that has cracked forks.

Ask your group for examples:

Can you give me an example of a near miss ?

Discussion Points

You are all responsible for your own safety and the safety of others,

Don’t Walk By’ report unsafe conditions and near misses.

Report to your supervisor, fill out the near miss report form right away so they can resolve the problem

If we are aware of the un-safe conditions, we are able to rectify them.

Next time it occurs someone could be hurt.

Points to Remember

Let your staff know where the near miss forms are, show them one and how easy they are to fill out.

Remember to get the attendance sheet signed by all at your toolbox meeting.

Ask one of attendees if they would pick out a topic for next toolbox meeting.

Time limit 15 minutes!!

Time, date and location of your next tool box talk

You can download the pdf file for the Near Miss tool box Talk here

You can download attendance sheet here


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