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Fire Prevention Month

October is fire prevention month in North America. Here in Nova Scotia, fire prevention month is a busy month. Many educational facilities are testing emergency plans, while instructing the younger generations on what to do. How to stop, drop and roll along with many other important skills in emergencies. These lessons will be with the young students for their entire lives. Important lessons at any age !

Many of our customers are federally regulated. There is a requirement through the Canadian Occupational Health & Safety Regulations to have a written emergency evacuation plan for workplaces larger than 50 employees.

We at the NSTSA encourage all companies regardless if you are federally or provincially regulated to have a written emergency evacuation plan in place, regardless of the number of employees. Additionally, we encourage companies to perform a full-fledged drill for a staff during their work shifts. Review your emergency plan at least yearly with staff through your workplace safety committee or health & safety representative.

The yearly review and trial evacuation will point out areas of opportunity for improving or modifying your plan. Aiding in a successful evacuation of staff from the workplace, in the event of an emergency. In addition, any newly hired staff will be unfamiliar with your procedures. Practice makes perfect, in emergencies many people will panic, thus practice is a good thing to do.

For our professional drivers, we certainly hope you check your emergency equipment that is a requirement for your commercial vehicle. Required are a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and emergency triangles or flares. We have seen many companies provide a smoke detector for the bunk trucks of employees, we applaud the companies providing this extra level of protection for their employees.

Safety is a responsibility for all of us. The NSTSA urges all employees and employers to check their homes, cottages, garages and vehicles to ensure fire extinguishers, first-aid kit’s and smoke detectors are in working order. Additionally, have you created an emergency plan for your home ? Have you reviewed your plan with your family members ?


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