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End Distracted Driving Now

The stats show that the general public knows about distracted driving, however the numbers continue to grow with distracted driving now surpassing drinking and driving as the leading causes of accidents. Most people when surveyed admit to using their cellphone while driving to call, to send a text or that email that must be answered now. Sadly most surveys show those using cellphones while driving numbers are growing larger everyday, even though most people realize they are breaking the law, the addiction to cellphones outweighs what is right.

We all share in responsibility to end distracted driving. Zero tolerance policies and public awareness don’t work. There needs to be a real solution to this problem,

NSTSA is pleased to introduce a Made in Canada solution to eliminate the distraction of having a cellphone in any vehicle.

  • Will not allow the driver of any vehicle to use his/her cellphone while driving.

  • Drive Care will always allow the driver to call 911 or other emergency services.

  • Our system lets you select up to four extra safety numbers that your drivers are allowed to call in emergencies. You can give each vehicle its own group of safety numbers to call or have one group for all of your vehicles. This way your drivers are always in touch when they need to be.

  • Uses a patented process called “Selective ” Listening

  • A Lock Screen is sent to the drivers Phone while the vehicle is in motion

  • Has built in Speed Control

  • Has a GPS locator

  • The device is hidden out of sight/out of mind of driver

  • Can be monitored 24/7 by your administrator using secure web portal

  • Geofencing (Get notified when your drivers enter or leave an area to help with time and productivity management.)

  • Monitors fuel efficiency (Unnecessary idling time)

  • Speed Control Set a maximum speed for your vehicles to never exceed, and be notified whenever one of your drivers goes above that speed.

This is what the screen on the cellphone looks like when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Can prevent company liability.

  • Can reduce your insurance premiums.

  • Will return a positive ROI very quickly

  • Device comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

  • This device ensures your employees are adhering to company policies as well as the particular laws and regulations of their region with regards to using a cellphone while operating a vehicle. When the vehicle stops moving the cellphone can be used.


Drive Care is a small 2 inch by 2 inch box that is hardwired into any vehicle in less than 10 minutes, only requires a simple two wire installation Ground and to +12 volts DC

An app is placed on the phone, the app is turned, it will seek approval by the phone owner and that’s it install complete. (Does not require extra data to operate.)

As part of the introduction to this amazing powerfully life changing device we are offering some very special purchasing opportunites to our valued members. Please contact us for the details.

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