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Driver Appreciation Week 2018

This week is Driver Appreciation Week throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

Professional drivers do amazing work! They deliver a list of products from A to Z that can include groceries, medicine, automobiles, life-saving equipment, heavy-duty equipment, building supplies. The list of products that travel throughout North America by truck is endless.

Last week was National Trucking Week in Canada, which celebrates the truck transportation industry and the importance of the truck transportation industry to business and the everyday economy.

Many of our member companies travel to the United States on a daily basis. Here at the NSTSA, we celebrate professional drivers every day. The ladies & gentlemen that travel the highways as their job are truly awesome dedicated professionals.

Help us celebrate Driver Appreciation Week by saying thank you to a driver when you see them loading/unloading at your workplace. Perhaps a friendly wave along the highway will brighten their day.

A reminder the highways are their workplaces give them a little extra room to make that turn or navigate than 50,000 lbs/23,000 kg trailer of freight around that roundabout or a narrow road in your community.

As we celebrate Driver Appreciation Week, below are a couple of awareness advertisements the NSTSA created for awareness of the trucks you see in your community and on the highways across North America.

Thank You to the hundreds of thousand professional drivers for their hard work and dedication.

Radio Ad on Q 104

Share The Road

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