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WCB Clearance Letters Are Now Completely Digital

Now, more than ever, having digital access to the information you need is important. Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia is now gone to a digital clearance process that will support the remote working environments to which so many Nova Scotians are adjusting to.

WCB Nova Scotia clearance status indicates whether a company is in good standing, which means the company has coverage, has met payroll reporting requirements, and has no outstanding balance.

Some companies in trucking have a requirement to have a copy of your clearance letter with you. As of now WCB Nova Scotia will not be issuing paper clearance letters, instead you will be able to go on-line to “My Account” on WCB Nova Scotia website and log in to obtain your clearance letter for your company.

For complete step by step details to sign up for “My Account” please follow this link


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