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CVSA Level I Inspection Points

Below is the 37 points that are completed when a commercial vehicle is inspected by the CVSA, in North America either on the road side or at a weigh scale.

From CVSA here is a brochure link covering all levels of inspections performed on commercial vehicles.

North American Standard Level I Inspection Procedure

  1. Choose the Inspection Site

  2. Approach the Vehicle

  3. Greet and Prepare Driver

  4. Interview Driver

  5. Collect the Driver’s Documents

  6. Check for the Presence of Hazardous Materials/Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  7. Identify the Carrier

  8. Examine Driver’s License

  9. Check Medical Examiner’s Certificate and Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) Certificate (If Applicable)

  10. Check Record of Duty Status

  11. Review Driver’s Daily Inspection Report (If Applicable)

  12. Review Periodic Inspection Report(s)

  13. Prepare Driver for Vehicle Inspection

  14. Inspect Front of Tractor

  15. Inspect Left Front Side of Tractor

  16. Inspect Left Saddle Tank Area

  17. Inspect Trailer Front

  18. Inspect Left Rear Tractor Area

  19. Inspect Left Side of Trailer

  20. Inspect Left Rear Trailer Wheels

  21. Inspect Rear of Trailer

  22. Inspect Double, Triple and Full Trailers

  23. Inspect Right Rear Trailer Wheels

  24. Inspect Right Side of Trailer

  25. Inspect Right Rear Tractor Area

  26. Inspect Right Saddle Tank Area

  27. Inspect Right Front Side of Tractor

  28. Inspect Steering Axle(s)

  29. Inspect Axles 2 and/or 3

  30. Inspect Axles 4 and/or 5

  31. Prepare the Vehicle and Check Brake Adjustment

  32. Inspect Tractor Protection System(This procedure tests both the tractor protection system and the emergency brakes.)

  33. Inspect Required Brake System Warning Devices

  34. Test Air Loss Rate

  35. Check Steering Wheel Lash

  36. Check Fifth Wheel Movement

  37. Complete the Inspection


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