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Commercial Truck Tire Care Education Workshops March 20 to March 23

Our members have countless trucks on the highways daily. All companies know

the cost of tires, costs to replace tires and the importance of tire & rim maintenance. Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association (NSTSA), in partnership with Michelin Tire Canada, is pleased to present FREE 3-hour “commercial truck tire care education workshops” at 4 Tire Service Centers in Nova Scotia during the week of March 20, 2017 for the trucking industry regardless of the size of your business. (See schedule below.) These educations workshops are valuable for drivers, mechanics, shop managers, safety representatives, JOSH committee members and safety

personnel. The information presented will save you time, money and resources.

Topics include:

Tire Care:

  • Proper care for tires on trucks and trailers (maintain and monitor)

  • Service options for tire trouble when traveling on the highways

Wheel Torque:

  • Learn the importance of correct wheel torque on rims, brakes, tires, and hubs

  • How to avoid wheel offs

  • How to ensure your lug nuts stay tight after tires are serviced

PRE REGISTRATION is required. To pre-register, please call toll free 1-888-329-9660 or email and indicate which session you will be attending.

Commercial Truck Tire Care Education Workshop Schedule


Wednesday March 22, 2017 8:30 AM

146 Lower Truro Road Google Map Link here

Truro NS B2N 1B1


Thursday March 23, 2017 8:30 AM

96 Disco Street Google Map Link here

Sydney NS B19 5V7


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