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Children's Idea of Distracted Driving

Last year NSTSA created a promotion with John MacNeil Elementary School in Dartmouth. Our goal for this promotion is education about Distracted Driving. It’s a huge cause of fatalities and injuries in our province and others across Canada. NSTSA asked John MacNeil School (grade primary to grade 6) to describe in a picture what distracted driving meant to them. The message is clear, our children see distracted driving in their family cars. Parents, think about what your children are seeing, take the opportunity to be a leader in the fight against distracted driving. Your family is the most important, nothing matters more. If you see your child’s picture here and would like a copy please feel free to contact us we will email it to you.

This weeks pictures are from primary students, they know not to text and drive or talk and drive !!

Primary student knows the right thing about texting while driving, simply do not text and drive.

Simple rule to follow from a primary student. Do not talk and drive.


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