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Check Yer Nuts

NSTSA is launching a new campaign today called Check Yer Nuts based around the documented pre-trip that professional drivers are required to perform on their commercial vehicle & trailers every 24 hours.

With the changes in 2016 to the Commercial Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection process that requires rims and tires be removed for a documented brake inspection, there is much concern that the occurrence of wheel-offs will increase.

As a reminder of this important part of every pre-trip, NSTSA has created an advertising campaign that all professional drivers will understand.

We are calling our campaign “check yer nuts” promo material here.

As part of the schedule 1 pre-trip shown below (part 22) professional drivers are required to check all wheels, hub and fasteners on the vehicle and trailer.

NSTSA stresses the importance that all professional drivers pre-tripping their vehicle if you see a retorque tag on your trailer or truck get the retorque completed as soon as you can.

NSTSA also reminds you to check all your rims, tires hubs and fasteners on your vehicle and trailer, the results of wheel-offs can be devastating.

Remember that if you do not check your wheels and fasteners and you get a roadside inspection performed by vehicle compliance and officer finds a loose wheel nut or other stated defects you will be placed out of service.

We hope our Check Yer Nuts media campaign will remind professional drivers in a fun way to ensure your pre-trip is completed every time to avoid any issues in their travels.

NSTSA is offering is offering our navy blue “check yer nuts” tee-shirts in sizes up to 5x.Along with great coffee mugs, details here

Hurry to place your order, limited quantities are available.


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