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Cannabis & Workplace Safety Online Course

Press Release – For Immediate Release

The NSTSA is proud to announce its procurement of SayleGroup’s ( Cannabis & Workplace Safety Online Course, which has been approved and endorsed by the Professional Security Knowledge Network (PSKN). The legalization of off-duty cannabis use will present many new challenges and unique hazards within the workplace, and employers are required to take reasonable precautions to provide workers with their legal OHS “Right to Know”. The 2-year Certificate provided with each login serves as proof of competence and understanding around this subject and is key in protecting your people and your business.

This course will give employers, managers and employees a comprehensive look at the top issues facing their workplace and allow them to prepare and educate the workforce before legalization (October 17, 2018), including:

  • Impairment

  • Duty to Accommodate

  • Employer Obligations

  • Employee Rights & Responsibilities

  • Physical Safety and Mental Health

  • Workplace Best Practices

  • Cause for Reasonable Suspicion

  • The Future Landscape

The NSTSA was determined to find a cost-effective, user-friendly resource that would allow its membership to position themselves as the national leaders on the issue – setting the example and the standard for how industries should approach this cultural shift. We feel, through our partnership with SayleGroup, that we have secured the definitive educational resource in the space. Our Association sees this initiative as a great opportunity to be proactive and to establish our industry as the trend-setters.

This self-paced course can be completed via computer or mobile device and will allow organizations to:

  • Competently assess and revise their Drug & Alcohol Policies (including Zero-Tolerance).

  • Understand their legal obligations with the legalization of off-duty cannabis use.

  • Educate their workforce on the risks and liabilities (ensuring OHS due diligence).

  • Meet and document your legal OHS obligation for workers’ “Right to Know” about hazards.

To ensure your workforce is sufficiently educated and to secure the most cost-effective pricing, please contact us at or call (902)493-3051, toll free at (888)329-9660. For more information please visit our website.


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