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Cannabis & Workplace Safety Online Course

The legalization of off-duty cannabis (marijuana) use will present many new challenges and unique hazards within the workplace, and employers are required to take reasonable precautions to provide workers with their legal OHS “Right to Know”.

This course will give employers, managers and employees a comprehensive look at the top issues facing their workplace and allow them to prepare and educate the workforce.

This course serves as an important due diligence resource for all members of any organization, and is delivered in five modules:

  • Cannabis (Marijuana) User and Workplace Safety Considerations

  • Workplace Responsibilities: Rights, Obligations and Accommodation

  • Identifying and Addressing Physical Safety & Mental Health Hazards

  • Cannabis (Marijuana) and Workplace Safety Best Practices

  • Reasonable Suspicion and the workplace

Each module is delivered as a short video lasting 7-10 minutes. With a question & answer session after each module to confirm understanding of the module topic.

The 2-year certificate provided with each paid course serves as proof of competence and understanding around this subject and is key in protecting your people and your business. This self-paced course can be completed via computer or mobile device. You will require a working email address that you have access to activate and complete this course on line. This on-line course is valid for all companies to use as part of their education program.

Online Course Pricing:

NSTSA Member: $ 35.00 per person

NSTSA Associate Member: $ 40.00 per person

NSTSA Non Member: $ 45.00 per person

To order your courses today, please call us toll free: 1-888-329-9660 or locally 902-493-3051 or email Please NOTE: NSTSA is a Non-Profit Organization, we do not charge HST


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