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Blast From The Past!

While completing a Safety Audit last week, Linda spotted this 61-year-old beauty in the back lot!

From 1913 to 1922, the Fargo Motor Car Company of Chicago introduced a line of trucks. And in 1928, Chrysler created the Fargo Motor Corporation to build and sell commercial trucks. Soon afterwards, however, Chrysler also acquired the Dodge Brothers Company and took over their better-known line of Dodge trucks.

Because Dodge had better name recognition across the country, their trucks were stiff competition for Fargo in the late 1920s and at the start of the Great Depression. In the struggling economy at the time, Chrysler decided to manufacture its better-selling Dodge trucks exclusively on domestic soil. But Chrysler wanted to retain the Fargo name too, along with its positive associations with reliability and the American Old West. So Chrysler began to use the Fargo name on its export trucks.

Eventually, Fargo had a wide range of vehicles, everything from light express and delivery vehicles to heavy dump trucks and semi tractors. And, this ’54 Fargo import is a blast-from-the-past!


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