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National Safety Code Facility Audit Process - Online Trials

The word “audit” makes many people sweat. Combine with the word “facility”, you get “facility audit”, that combination can be the cause of anxiety and sleepless nights in the truck transportation industry.

A facility audit is part of the National Safety Code. The National Safety Code for Motor Carriers applies to any company with commercial vehicles over 4500 kgs.

Here is your opportunity to learn about the facility audit for trucking companies. Nova Scotia Vehicle Transportation Inspection is seeking volunteer companies to help streamline the electronic audit process. In these Covid-19 times combined with methods that the coronavirus travels and spreads on paper, Nova Scotia Vehicle Transportation Inspection is seeking volunteer trucking companies that would like to help streamline the online electronic audit process.

By volunteering to partake you will not be penalized for any findings during your National Safety Code Audit. This electronic audit process is a trial undertaking to develop an on-line process for National Safety Code Facility Audits. Here is a great opportunity to check your company’s required record keeping processes in this unique learning environment to ensure you are prepared.

If your company is interested in this great learning opportunity about the Facility Audit, please contact

Doug Leamon

Manager, Training & Outreach VT11

Vehicle Transportation Inspection

Cell 902.631.5488

Email: Doug.Leamon at novascotia.ca